Ruth Gerdes Testifies on Behalf of CIPA

05/21/2012 10:15 AM | Judd Gardner

Ruth Gerdes, CIPA Member and Regulatory Affairs Committee Chair from Auburn, Nebraska, testified at the House Agriculture Committee on Thursday, May 17, 2012. Ruth told the committee her own personal history with crop insurance – how her family almost lost their farm in the 1980’s because they had been sold the wrong crop insurance coverage – and how that spurred her into becoming an agent. She vowed to never let what happen to her family happen again to them or their neighbors, and ever since she has been dedicated to building and improving Federal Crop Insurance into the success story it is today.


The screen shot below is linked to the House Agriculture Committee website, where a video of the hearing can be found. Ruth was on the fourth panel of the hearing and comes on the video at the 1 hour 45 minute mark.


You can also read Ruth's written testimony.


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